Hi Everyone!
I am Allan. Currently retired from my old Real Job, and glad to be away! Modeling, I find is such a relief from a lifetime of unnatural but necessary stresses in the business world. Here, I am a natural human being again.

I feel privileged and fulfilled to meet and work with this fabulous array of wonderful people.

I’ve been modeling since early 2017, and like everyone 2020 took me for a surprise. With DCAMC I’ve been able to continue being immersed in this community despite Covid, through my own online sessions as well as the Model Extravaganzas.

In addition to the DCAMC affiliated events such as those found on the DCAMC calendar, I am available for private bookings. I am open to 1-on-1 sessions as well as working with small groups or instructional gatherings. I am interested in both online, and in-person bookings when safely possible.

Face studies, portraits, gestures through long poses; costumed or normal clothed, as well as nude or nearly nude, all good.

Sometimes I initiate my own online sessions and if you would like to get on my mailing list for any session announcements, please send me an email by clicking the link above. 

I can accept payments through Venmo and PayPal.

You are welcome to follow my Instagram, also linked above, where a variety of samples can be found, as well as a little personality.