I am pleased to offer scheduled webinars (including for DCAMC) and private interactive bookings for artists needing to work with a male figure model. I enjoy collaborating with artists and great colleagues in DCAMC to bring the best innovation and professionalism we can to the realities of working “virtually”.

Avid’s Virtual Sessions on Yondo

I typically schedule weekly webinar sessions at varying days/times to offer artists options for practicing and working with the male figure. All DCAMC-affiliated sessions are draped/clothed; I am also able to host undraped sessions on the platform I use (Yondo) and schedule both types. Webinars are “presentation style” — I select the scheduling, themes, and poses. I can also be booked on Yondo for private “1-to-1” sessions, allowing the artist to choose their own scheduling and session goals (with my availability and capability). The 1-to-1 sessions also include video teleconferencing capability.

Working live online has its challenges, but we have proved it provides a valuable developmental challenge for artists. They still must react to unpredictable nuances in poses etc. within constrained time, unlike relying on reference photos or recorded videos.  Those are also valuable tools, so I do offer them but usually only as adjuncts to a live session. I do make exceptions for special projects so feel free to inquire about those options

I started professional modeling in 2014, after a couple decades’ background in fine art photography. It began as a type of self-challenge after narrowly surviving cancer. Although I beat the odds and survived, I struggled to resume my passion for art. With encouragement and help of some incredibly talented bodypaint artists and photographers, I began developing my ability to serve as ‘canvas’ for bodypaint projects and as figure model for fine art photography.

The creative process and collaboration with other creatives have always been parts of my lifeblood. I began learning and adding life modeling for drawing/painting to my repertoire in 2016.  Adapting this craft to online work thanks COVID is not easy. But I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this collective effort to make it work … for the sake of artists and the modeling profession.

Sessions/appointments I offer on Yondo can be booked and paid directly on that platorm; see https://avid.yondo.com    I can also accept pay via Venmo (Avid-Light), Cash App ($AvidLight), or PayPal (avid@avidlightmodel.com).  Inquiries about modeling for personal projects or private art groups are welcome — please email me at  avid@avidlightmodel.com