My name is Jalene. I have been professionally modeling since 1999 and I am also an artist. I remain active as a model and love working with artists, from new students to masterful professionals! Please check out my website and drop me a line to schedule an inspiring session!

I am pleased to offer online art opportunities as a member of the DC Art Model Collective.

I regularly offer sessions each week, both with the DCAMC and on my own calendar. Additionally, I alternate with Sheba, in hosting regular Monday evening ( 5-7pm ET) DCAMC presented sessions.  I host a Lightly Instructed session. These sessions feature a variety of models and are perfect for those new to working with live models and/or new to using an online platform to have a bit of structure and gentle guidance while they draw. Sometimes I will also provide introductions to different mediums and techniques.

I am pleased to offer online sessions for artists now! While I will consider select in-person sessions, there are stringent safety protocols required for these. The bulk of my modeling is now done online, through the video conference app Zoom. (I can use other platforms, but Zoom is the one I use when I am hosting my open sessions.)

I offer regularly scheduled open sessions that all artists are welcome to sign up for! You are also invited to schedule private sessions for yourself or you and a group of friends. (Private session rates are $20/hr.) Instructors are invited to schedule me for your online classes!  Live sessions or pre-recorded videos, as well as reference photos are some of the options you can choose from to customize your experience! Visit my website to browse available options or to brainstorm for your custom requests at ModelArtist.com.

If you teach or organize virtual sessions, please reach out to me! I’m always happy to work with new people.

My wardrobe offers a variety of costumes and accessories, and my home studio has an wide selection of drapery and props. I am happy to work with you to develop a look that inspires your art! Please note that at this time I am mainly doing clothed sessions, as Zoom does not allow nudity. If you use a platform that allows for artistic nudity, I will consider doing a nude session. For figure sessions I typically wear a camisole & underwear or a bathing suit. For portraits and costumed poses, I have a wide array of options. You can see examples on my website.

As a special treat, sometimes my parrot Beaky will join me for modeling sessions!

Email me directly at Jalene99@gmail.com for more information or to inquire about a virtual session. Thank you for your support of my modeling work!